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Yu Therapy hypnotherapy with Shuee

Once you've chosen hope,


Hi, and welcome to Yu Therapy, where you and your wellbeing is always our top priority. No matter what your goal of therapy is, whether to better manage stress, to survive through a difficult situation in your life, or to learn how to relax, get good sleep, and live life to its full potential - our clinical hypnotherapists are dedicated and ready to help you.

So, what is clinical 
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stress management

Clinical hypnotherapy is a proven, drug-free talk therapy to help patients manage their problems and anxieties, including insomnia, pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), depression, phobias and more.

How does it feel like
to be hypnotised?

Well, relax. It's not like on TV. There will be no pendulum, no swing watches, and you won't be asked to do weird actions - those are parts of stage hypnosis, a kind of entertainment. Rest assured, in a clinical setting, you will be aware of the process, and in control throughout the therapy. What we do in hypnotherapy, is use the power of your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals. Check out the slideshow below for more info and quick facts about clinical hypnotherapy.

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Can hypnotherapy really help? Have a consultation with your chosen therapist to:

- talk about your problems

- meet the therapist to see if you like him/her

- understand how he/she will help you


Click below to book a session or chat with us via Whatsapp to find out more.

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Initial Consultation
30 mins  |  RM 50.00

Our mission: to help you succeed


Hypnosis for insomnia


Ways to lose weight hypnosis

 Weight Loss 

Depression support help hypnosis


stop smoking

 Smoking Cessation 

Reduce stress with hypnosis

 Stress Management 

Help with anxiety, fears, phobias

 Anxiety & Phobias 


Benefits of hypnotherapy

FM Wong

The whole experience was wonderful and enlightening, as well as being highly relaxing and restorative.
I highly recommend!!

Yu Therapy review


The therapist has been brilliant and able to assist me in dealing with my insomnia. I am able to improve my sleeping quality tremendously.

Hypnosis to stop smoking, very effective

Rob M

First experience with hypnose. My goal was to stop smoking and with the hypnose by Shuee I did it. Thanks a million to Yu Therapy.

With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything.

Hypnotherapy uses your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals. 

**Since 2015, the Ministry of Health in Malaysia endorse the importance and use of clinical hypnosis for pain, anxiety and depression.

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