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Shuee Wee, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yu Therapy, Petaling Jaya, Best Therapist

ShuEe Wee

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Shuee Wee, Life member

Hello! I’m Shuee, a full-time therapist with a mission to help people heal from their traumas and better cope with everyday-life difficulties. Today's fast paced world puts a lot of stress and expectations on us. And in trying to keep up and impress the ones around us, it's easy for us to distract, run away, or numb the pain, fall into the trap of losing ourselves, and into a state of uncertainty and constant anxiety.


I recognise that everyone needs support. And that's why I'm at your service to listen to you, see the world through your eyes, help you find your goals and be the person you want to be. Life is full of challenges, and sometimes, it takes more than just ourselves to be able to find happiness, courage, strength, and peace – it’s okay to reach out for help. I hope to provide you with a safe space to talk, heal, recharge, and make plans on how to live your life to the fullest.

In the past, I’ve worked with many clients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, low levels of self-confidence, relationship issues, insomnia and more, helping them shift their focus and regain control over their lives. My therapy includes a variety of psychotherapy techniques, and I use hypnosis in most of my sessions to work with not just your conscious mind, but also your subconscious mind, to reach the best possible outcome. Interested? Send me a message and let’s chat, no strings attached.

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Dr Alan Soh @ Abdul Hanan Abdullah

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Shuee Wee, Life member

Hi, I’m Dr Alan, a medical doctor with my own private practice in Shah Alam. Through my years of practice, I realise that a significant portion of the patients that I see in my general practice have bodily symptoms which actually originate from personal emotional and social issues - that lighted up my passion in the inner workings of the mind. I see my patients not as patients but as fellow human beings – each on his/her own personal journey of life – finding a path that best fits him/her.


As a mental health professional, I work with clients to empower them to become unstuck. Some clients come feeling very overwhelmed and confused and cannot even clearly identify what their problems or goals are. The nature of my work is then about bringing more clarity to then assist these clients in deciding what they wish to do next. Sometimes clients come with very specific goals to be pursued but experience “invisible barriers” preventing them from achieving these goals. My work is then about exploring what these “invisible barriers” are which sometimes includes doing deep dialogs with the “deeper-self”. Many clients have recurrent self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours rooted in past events and childhood issues; and thus therapy is about making peace with the past. Some clients find visiting the past too painful and unbearable – I then employ strategies focused on changing present thinking and behaviours without triggering past pain. My approach is flexible as I adapt to my client’s specific needs.

I am most passionate when doing work on connecting to the authentic self and getting clients to flow with life from there and to fully engage with life with meaningful purpose.

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Richaard Wong

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Shuee Wee, Life member

Having sleepless nights, racing thoughts, and find yourself lacking sleep and rest? Be assured, you are not alone.


In my years of people development, I've met many people with various mental health issues. Though qualified as a master trainer and a fellow Certified financial planner, I was ill equipped until I discovered what hypnosis can do to help people achieve both physical and emotional breakthrough. That's why I'm passionate in what I do.


I am Richaard Wong, a clinical hypnotherapist helping clients achieve breakthroughs and reclaim their natural state of flow to live an empowered life. With deep level of commitment and conviction from you, we’ll work together to identify what matters to you and what causes you pain. After stabilising the situation, we'll create a game plan to tackle its root cause. And thereafter, administer the agreed change by modifying the unresourceful believe system which will help you to an open door of possibilities, to be freed and empowered to create a better and new life style.


A relaxed mind is a creative mind. I’ll also teach you how to achieve deeper levels of conscious awareness and how you can tap into your creative self, using different techniques done under hypnosis. With these techniques you can re-established, build, and empower yourself to take control of your life. Book a call and explore what we can do together to make life worth living again.