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ShuEe Wee

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello! I’m Shuee, a full-time therapist with a mission to help people heal from their traumas and better cope with everyday-life difficulties. Today's fast paced world puts a lot of stress and expectations on us. And in trying to keep up and impress the ones around us, it's easy for us to numb the pain, fall into the trap of losing ourselves, and into a state of uncertainty and constant anxiety.


I recognise that everyone needs support. And that's why I'm at your service to listen to you, see the world through your eyes, help you find your goals and be the person you want to be. Find happiness, peace, and live life to the fullest.

In the past, I’ve worked with many clients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, low levels of self-confidence, relationship issues, insomnia and more, helping them shift their focus and regain control over their lives. My therapy includes a variety of psychotherapy techniques, and I use hypnosis in most of my sessions to work with not just your conscious mind, but also your subconscious mind, to reach the best possible outcome. Interested? Come in and have a chat, no strings attached.

Vince Choong, Yu Therapy Clinical Hypnotherapist, stress management

Vince Choong

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hi! My name is Vince, and I’m here to share with you ways to overcome stress and unhealthy habits through hypnotherapy. For many of us, stress has become a major part of our lives, affecting us day and night. But not everyone knows how to healthily handle stress. In fact, most people live their lives focusing on what they don’t want. They spend most of their time filtering options they have and yet struggle to make the right choice for themselves. Stress slowly builds up and eventually breaks and tears them down. 


Instead of escaping, why not embrace it and learn how to manage them so that it will not overwhelm our feelings and affect our quality of life? Wouldn’t it be better if we put our focus on what we want, then spend time planning and working towards achieving those goals? I bet this would turn the tide and will increase self-confidence to manage whatever stress that comes along while attaining the goals.


If you are currently feeling stressed or “stuck” with an unwanted behaviour that is affecting your quality of life, feel free to contact me. Not only will I support you throughout the change process, I will also give thorough explanations and give you tips and tricks to make sure you’re successful in overcoming it.


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